Or, brush off. 

It might feel a bit like you're changing country when you change region in Romania. Less than a hundred years ago, Brașov, like the whole of Transylvania, was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You know, the guys who eat Schnitzel and Goulash. So as you can imagine, there is in this city, a great mix of cultures. The one catching the eye most being ... German , suprisingly ! Yep. And for interesting reasons.

So to brush off your Brașov knowledge, and entertain your ears with a couple of songs, be sure to listen to the Brașov edition of the Ukulele Road Trips Podcast !

Listen to the podcast - The Transylvania Special

There isn't much more I can tell you than what Ileana tells us in the podcast. Because she's so smart. But, I can give you a little glimpse of the city, and a little taste of traditional Romanian Melodies, with violinist Violetta Mihail !


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