Sibiu is a city in Transylvania. If you had been there this week, I would have seen you there.


A very striking thing about this little town is how suspicious the roofs are. They are not suspicious because they look unstable or in bad condition. No. They are suspicious OF people. As you walk though the "streets and cobbled stones" of Sibiu, the roofs watch your step. So you better watch it too.

The peering roof-eyes, that come in varied shapes and sizes, accompany your promenade in this nonetheless charming city. Almost romantic, one could say. If I was doing a road trip with ukuleles through Europe and I landed in Sibiu, I'd probably write a love song of longing and looks that are missed and needed, about a yearning for the peering eyes which once used to grace a passionate lover... Yes, I'd probably do that. Something like that anyway.

The look you cast will always stay, the sweetness of these troubled eyes, engraved in me, and to this day, I see them in the rooftops and the skies


From German roofs I long your call, which is fitting for from my trips, I know in German "Ruf" means call, the one I long to hear thrust from your lips

As with other larger cities in "Siebenbürgen", the history and the architechture are quite German. As is the prettiest church in town, the XIVth Century Lutherian Cathedral of which I'll post a few photos to nicely round up this post.

A short word about these spying eye-windows. Believe it or not, they are not actually built in the hope that the houses might come to life as Monster-houses. It would making rearranging city centers much easier though. They were built as a cooling system for these roofs that used to be mainly used as storage space. That's about all I know, because I'm super-broke (seriously), and they only have paying tours in this city. Buuut, if you'd like me to be less broke and more professional, I can trade your money versus some songs here. Or, a donation or the postcard thing!

Church !