I still can't pronounce it right, but it's to this sweet little "museum-city" that I have first made my way ! (Ko - priv - shti - tsa ... not that easy eh?)


And to visit Korpsh... this little touristy town, I picked my timing perfectly. A Monday afternoon, off-season. Needless to say I was fairly undisturbed strolling about with my ukuleles. A still and mysteriously empty afternoon it was.

This song came to me while sitting on a bench, the water from the melting snow falling on my jeans and making me look slightly incontinent. It's about taking a deep breath, and enjoying the stillness. Or something like that. And it's called Koprtshi... stist... well, just like the city actually.


In all fairness to this nice little place, it is more of a week-end and holiday destination. Apparently, during the National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore every 5 years, it is so crowded, you can barely walk ! A city of two atmospheres it would seem. 

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