Living on the road, you really pay attention to every 100g that must be part of the adventure. And as I share Podcasts and recordings with you during these travels, I need a decent USB mic that won't take over half my house (i.e. my Backpack).

 The Varna Episode of the Podcast, Bulgaria, was recorded with the Samson USB Go mic

The Varna Episode of the Podcast, Bulgaria, was recorded with the Samson USB Go mic


The Perfect Size

And the Samson portable mic does just that! It takes a tiny amount of space, is extremely light and enables me to record and share content with you from the road. I use it for the recordings of the Ukulele Road Trips Podcast, and also when recording arrangements to add to my musical videos filmed with a camera. 

It's about the size of a thumb and folds nicely back into it's little stand. As you can see from the picture, it's really easy to place and to get the direction right. And all you need to plug it in to your laptop is a small USB cable.

Standing or clipped

 The Samson Go Mic is also equipped with a practical clip, if you’re into clipping things. Most of the time, I put it down in front of the guests of the podcast, no too close to my laptop. And then we get chatting! The base of the Go Mic means its clip is also designed as a tiny clip, which folds back neatly around the mic when you’re done.

Most often, I just put it down in front of the Podcast guests, not too close to the laptop to avoid getting the noise of the cooling system, and then, we get chatting! That simple.

Settings that matter

Depending on the type of recording you are doing, the Samson Go Mic also enables you to choose between “cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns” - which in non-expert speak, means that you can choose to record the whole room, 360° (omnidirectional), or direct your recording towards a specific source of sound (cardioid).

You can also choose the -10dB setting if a sound source is really loud. (very good for the ukulele, if you’re recording really up close).

MUSIC friendly

This mic has also enabled me to record loads of instruments and voices straight to my mixing programm on my laptop, on the go! A lot of my Bulgaria Album even, was recorded in Hostel in Bulgaria, with the Samson Go Mic.


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