If you travel completely unprepared, first of all, hi, hello, welcome to the club. And also, you've probably noticed there are two sides to our globetrotting coin. First, it's great to be surprised... (and that really helps the song-writing!)

But then again, sometimes, it's possible to really feel a fool, not to have packed one of the most important things you had no idea you needed.

But I mean, who knew those were important here?

Route 1, on the way to Reykjahlíð...

Route 1, on the way to Reykjahlíð...


Iceland's freezing, and driving through it in the cold season is certainly beautiful, but won't make anyone feel like undressing. Then again, travelling here, you may need something more than just warm clothes...

Who knew, who knew? Who knew that on this globe's coldest isle, who knew, that where it's cold all the while,

who knew, who knew, that in the land of 'Vatnajökull', where ice comes in the hugest of chunks,

you must pack as a goldenest rule, your...


...swimming trunks.

It's clearly no secret to anyone who has previously opened an Iceland guide of some sort: you need to pack a pair.

Personally, I didn't know. I mean, I'm travelling to the icy-est, harshest place I've ever set foot, and I'm an idiot for not packing swimming trunks ? ... Yes.

Iceland is located on a rift of continental plates which means: volcanoes, and also, very hot water. In the 'Mývatn Nature Baths' for example, North of the island, you swim in naturally heated water, which is brought up from the ground at about 250°C. Luckily for swimmers, with and without swimming trunks, it is cooled with a sort of circular system before it arrives in the baths. Bit hot otherwise.

Finally useful information on this Blog ! The Mývatn Baths opening times. No mention of swimming trunks though. Turns out you need some.

Finally useful information on this Blog ! The Mývatn Baths opening times. No mention of swimming trunks though. Turns out you need some.


You can go for a swimm in Mývatn,

You can stand on Strokkur, and then Boum,

You'll fly in the air, flown by the 'Geyseir'... *splash*

Who knew, who knew, who knew, that on the island of glaciers and frost

You must pack a pair at all cost

So come over to a hot pot for a small dunk

But don't forget your...

Something you don't get from my sing-song is the wonderful view! But in the cold season, there's approximately 25 minutes of daylight per day -which really isn't enough for me to get the song right. So I copy/pasted a low res picture from the official website of the baths. There you go. What a view (that I didn't see) !

Who knows, who knows, who know  s who this guy is...

Who knows, who knows, who knows who this guy is...


Another couple of things not too well transmitted by video/audio media: the slight smell of eggs which comes from the sulphur in the water, and also, how incredibly soft that water makes your skin ! Really, a swim in there and you are once again graced with skin as delicate as a baby's. That's the magic of Icelandic minerals.

Now is a good time for another photo. Too bad I don't have any. So I guess, I'll just share the other side of the sign. Interesting information on there too. And that way, I don't have to go on about it myself.

'Enjoy, Relax, Experience, Become Super-Extra-Soft'


The Song Glossary - what am I going on about?

Vatnajökull:  A big big ice cap on the island, actually the biggest of them all! It's cold, it's impressive, and you don't need swimming trunks there.

Mývatn: Hot baths these adventures are talking about in this very post. Hopefully you noticed.

Strokkur: The most active geyser of all geysers. Situated right next to the geyser called Geysir, that gave its name to all other geysers. That name being geysers.

Hot pot: Very common throughout the country, these are small pools of naturally hot water, made out of all sorts of things, stones, concrete, ex-agricultural tubs... they're warm and cosy, and often come with a view (yes, unlike my video)

Thanks for reading!

These Ukulele Road Trips are travelling through this majestic island of Ice and Fire with a fine van from Kuku Campers

and singing about the whole thing with CloudMusic ukes - tested to be hot-bath-water-resistant.

"floats away..."

"floats away..."


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