Kiev, capital of Ukraine. It's not easy encapsulating this buzzing city in a blog post. And capturing its "vibe" in one song, is close to impossible. It's a bit like having loads of tapas for dinner and then trying to describe what dinner tasted like.  Well, very much like tapas (which I'm only using for the analogy, you can't find them here obviously),  the table of Kiev offers you many different things. And your curious cultural palate can only enjoy the varied sensations.

Kiev isn't a thing, or a mood, or an iconic place. It's a bunch of them. It's a colourful bouquet which is best explored in a bit more depth than with a couple of analogies.  An ideal format would be... oh I don't know, a Podcast for example!

It turns out there is a special Kiev PODCAST, to entertain your curiosity. It explores Ukraine and its patchwork capital in the charming company of two delightful guests, as well as a guy with a little blue backpacking ukulele.

Click here to listen to the Kiev Podcast

Click here to listen to the Kiev Podcast


And one of the matters touched upon in this conversational exploration -sadly, only in speech- are the new Ukrainian Police Women. To counter the corruption, a new police force has been launched in the past year, recruiting young, good looking men and women. These are now a feature of the post-Maidan streets of Ukraine, dressed in a very American style. Selfies with these new "cops" have been on all young Ukrainians' facebook feeds for months. It's a craze.  Which swept me along. For a very good reason.


To elucidate the lyrics, here is a picture of a random ukulele tourist with the above video's inspiration.


Definitely, in my view, reason enough for a song, and for a complete high-jacking of a post supposed to be about the Ukrainian capital. The post is over anyway. Finito. Off to the PODCAST!

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