It's a little bit tricky focusing on communism in Bucharest. The history of that period is omnipresent, and for some, still an open wound, considering how recent it is. But as I learned from the enthusiastic young people here, whom I relentlessly -and unsuccessfully- beg to follow my Facebook page, it's the past. And everybody is moving on.

Nevertheless, I've ended up concentrating a little bit on this turned page. I find it to be a fascinating read, but it if the book it is in, is the history of Romania, it is without a doubt one of it's darkest passages.

The subject has been touched quite a fair bit in the Ukulele Road Trips Bucharest Podcast, and I'm touching it here a bit more, but I will continue the touching through a different medium: the medium of dancing in front of a big building, that tells the story of communism in Romania and the capital.


Wow. That was nice wasn't it? No? Oh... Anyway,

Something a bit more specific from that period, and that for some reason caught my attention: moving churches. Yep. Really. Obviously not by themselves though.

You can read more about this strange idea on Marius' fine blog Tour of Communism.

Or listen to a very under produced song just here. I was a bit tired from all the touching the topic while dancing on the Izvor Park lawn for the video just before. So touching this time the (emotionally) moving matter of putting huge devotional buildings on railing:

(sidenote/question: is anybody actually reading this?)


A few "moved them, moved them" churches peeked here and there strolling through the center: