This is it! 

After many long minutes of planning, the trip is finally under way ! Miles and hours of discoveries lie right before the Ukulele Road Trips BLOG.

Well, almost. First of all we (me & my 2 ukuleles) have to take the plane to our secret destination: Bulgaria. The destination is actually not secret. 

Before embarking on this adventure, I decided to sing you (yes, you!) a little song, that says that it would be nice if you came with me on this ukulele road trip.

To  underline this fact (that I would like you to come with me on a ukulele road trip), the song is called "Come (with me) on a ukulele road trip".


So, here it is. From the lovely parking lot of the Airport just before flying away, "Come (with me) on a Ukulele Road Trip!".