Tucking Away Trillions with Tax Evasion and Self-Helping Yourself to Success, Success

On the podding menu today, tax evasion, and how it all started - and how it’s still a-happenin’ - as well as self-help and the self-help industry !

So help yourself to a portion of issues, with songs of course, ‘Taxman Don’t Take my Money’ by Ben, which is not too long after skippy and happy ‘Success!’ by Marine.

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Hot News for Planet Earth and Swinging with the Algorithm

Today on the Issues menu, the attention-grabbing plight of us all, internet-surfers that we are, the YouTube algorithm. And also, more importantly, Global Warming, aka. Climate Change. It's happening. It might keep happening. Which will make lots of other things happen. Some of which, not so cool. Figuratively, and literally.

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Yellow fever patriotism, dead fish and plastic, plastic plastic

Join Ben and Marine for the new episode of the Issues and Songs podcast! It's non-recyclable. A bit like plastic. And before we dealve into that, a bit of a makeover for the happy-passionate lovers of flags and singing with clenched fists.

Marine's articles are

 Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made on ScienceAdvances

Here's the pdf of the International Coastal Cleanup Report 

And the huge plastic article quoted in the pod is the Guardian's Long Read  The plastic backlash: what's behind our sudden rage – and will it make a difference? you can skip to the last third for the best insight I'd suggest,

And the eco-pirate with the five Arrr'-s is here on her own website Zero Waste Home.

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Presentations, efficient naps, EU-phemisms and Bayer-Voldemonsanto

In the very first issue of the Issues and Songs Podcast, Ben and Marine discuss, and sing about, efficient napping, and the issue that saw the EU approve Bayer-Monsanto’s destructive weed-killer relying on very much biased ‘research’. The songs are “Efficient Lullaby” and “What’s the point of having EU if EU don’t like me?”.