A new post ! Lots of things to talk about in this one, but let's first take a short moment to relax, and get to an optimal reading mind-set, with ... this picture of an Orthodox priest rokin' my blue ukulele, at the St. Dimitar Basarabovski (St.D for short.) Rock Monastery, 

Okay. Perfect. Let us start.

As you may have (absolutely not at all) noticed, there hasn't been a post and song or a podcast in a while. Well, I've been very busy putting my best efforts into making a sort of end product to my Bulgarian adventure, the first country visited by Ukulele Road Trips. And down in the basement of Yo Ho Hostel in Varna, I've come up with... wait for it... the Bulgaria Album ! [insert imaginary enthusiastic fans here]

It is sort of a big deal on these travels; all the songs, recorded, arranged with ukuleles, drums; pianos, lots of voices, and even a kazoo ! which will hopefully convince you to get this Backpacking Ukuleleling set of songs. You would also be helping me to continue the adventure, because the postcard thing really isn't picking up. I'm not saying one every three weeks is a bad average, it's just that it's not sustainable-making material. So,

Ben's Ukulele Road Trips - THE BULGARIA ALBUM !!

To entice you to support these shoulders of mine, which then support my backpack, which in turn supports the little blue ukulele, here's a nice relaxing one that you can download for free. Because it's you:

I hope you enjoy the album.

Coming back to the emotional narrative of these travels, I'm writing this today from Romania, where I have just set foot. At the border, in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria, just before leaving this country I enjoyed so very much, I felt a certain standstill. The moment when time freezes (for an amount of time technically incalculable because, well, time has stopped), just before a leap in the unknown. A song may or may not have come from this short stay in Ruse. It may. It did. It's actually right here: